I'll push myself up through the dirt and shake my petals free
I'm resigned to being born and so resigned to bravery.
~Dar Williams

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Plum Island (read: Green Hateful Fly) Beach

As seen previously on Cami's blog, I took a day off of doing Top Science in order to be lazy with my sister and her posterity. We took our bikes to Plum Island beach, rode through some wilderness conservation areas, and then watched the waves crash on the sand. We tried to swim a bit, but there were strong undertows so we stayed close to the shore in response to those pesky 'will to live' pangs.

Calvin was deeply disturbed by the waves, and told me several times, "Laura, I don't like the ocean." He even let me sit very close to him and hold him - behavior that isn't generally tolerated during less oceany times.

Cami and I are a little, shall we say... morbid, and have a tradition of taking photos of ourselves walking into the ocean al a Edna in Awakenings (right before she drowns herself).
The green flies that grace the Northern Massachusetts beaches are no friends of mine:

Bryn and I ran up and down the beach several times and saw a seal swimming. It was awesome, but I didn't get a photo.


Joanne said...

Total fun-ness! (except for the green-fly attack of course).

The Gardner Trio said...

I guess it's good to take pics right before you drowned, then the rescue team would at least know what you looked like and what you were wearing at the time! :) BOOOO to the flies! OUCH! That's gotta hurt!

Diana said...

I like your pink hair! I don't like your pink bug bite!!

Merrilyne said...

So...I'm resisting the blog scene, and don't know how to post under some pseudonym, but I wanted to tell you this: I was talking to my pal Claudia and she said something about Kate Chopin and I responded, "Didn't she write the book about the woman who goes swimming?" I forgot that Edna--bless her!--suicides. So much for AP English, Mrs. Andersen. I just had a friend visiting who works at Cornell. And their birds! They're famous for their birds! Thanks for the seriously so blessed heads up, too!